Leadership Development Institute - L.E.A.Ding - U.P. Program 2019

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July 31, 2019

Leadership Development Institute – L.E.A.Ding U.P. Program Overview
The Latin American Chamber of Commerce of Charlotte (LACCC) is proud to offer a leadership development program designed for developing the leadership capacity of Latin American leaders in the Charlotte Region. L.E.A.Ding-U.P. (Leadership, Education, Alignment, and Developing - Upward Potential) will focus on addressing leadership development skills that will help to close the gaps that employers face when developing Latinos who are in leadership roles. These emerging leaders may be transitioning through Maslow’ Hierarchy of Needs from security to belonging as well as still developing their English language and acculturation in the United States workplace. The program is designed to build social capacity by engaging U.S. born and foreign-born Latinos to learn from each other and learn how to lead in a Multi-cultural work environment.  The program is offered at a university and a Masters’ program faculty will provide some of the sessions.  Click to view gallery of our 2017 program graduation and 2018 program graduation.  
L.E.A.Ding – U.P. Outcomes, Success Factors and Learning Objectives
Program Outcomes Success Factors Learning Objectives
  • Increased leadership capacity and community engagement
  • Increased communication, decision-making and teamwork skills, acculturation and leadership proficiency in US workplace
  • High potential leaders
  • Mentors, Coaches, Sponsors
  • Interactive and applied learning curriculum
  • Community engagement
  • Building social capacity
  • Strategic leadership and communication development
  • Creative and systematic problem solving, decision making and teamwork competency development
  • Leading in a multicultural, dynamic US and global workplace competency
Program Participation Criteria
  • Bi-lingual and bi-cultural Latino individual currently in a leadership role with potential for increased responsibilities
  • Minimum of 3 years work experience or business ownership in the United States
  • Minimum of 2 years of leadership experience (workplace, community and/or entrepreneurial)
  • Demonstrated community engagement experience
  • Availability to participate in an 8 week program and graduation
L.E.A.Ding-U.P. Program Schedule and Cost
2019 PROGRAM SCHEDULE: (8) Tuesdays from 1pm-5pm at Wingate University Ballantyne - The Gibson Building
11430 North Community House Road, Suite 150, Charlotte, North Carolina 28277; September 24th, October 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th, November 5th, 12th.  Graduation December 3rd from 5:30pm-8:30pm.
CORPORATE SPONSOR:  $3,500 Includes up to 2 participants.  Logo and mention as a Sponsor at every class and digitally.  A portion of your sponsorship contribution will go towards a 55% scholarship for a non-profit organization participant.
CORPORATE ASSOCIATE PARTICIPATION: $1,000 per participant.  (up to 2 per corporation)

For enrollment contact Rocio Gonzalez, LACCC Executive Director at 704.650.0568 or rocio@lacccharlotte.com

LEADing Up Program Overview
LEADing Up Participant Nomination Form 
LEADing Up Participant Nomination Corporate Form